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Twisted Family Reunion

I dreamt I was visiting some strange family on a farm at the end of the world. As I approached I realized something was wrong. Everyone was a twin, and they all dressed the same. Two moms that looked the same, two dads, two uncles, daughters, many brothers they all looked like their twin and they all dressed like their twin. They all walked bare feet and looked odd, big ears thick necks and round heads, even the kids looked like they had wrinkles and were 70 years old. Then they started introducing me to all the family members and everyone became quiet as they are about to introduce me to the grand mom of the family. They ushered me into a dark room, and granny was essentially only a head, on a silver plate with arms coming out of the couch on which her head was placed. She reached out to give me a hug and the awkwardness of reaching down and giving her a hug overwhelmed me.

Everyone started eating and the food tasted strange, I felt uncomfortable and the room became darker and darker, until it was pitch black and I could only hear all their voices. I woke up.


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