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End of the world

I was in Houston, but it looked more like a small arty town with modern malls surrounded by open deserts. Everyone was frantically shopping for Christmas and it was late, about 20 minutes into dusk. People were running up and down. I lost the group I was with which was my wife, my mom and and a close friend. I took a break for a moment and realised the people weren’t running around to do shopping. They were running to the desert. They were running to something big, like an airplane crash, at this point I was not sure. It was an eerie feeling of frantic people all going to have a look. I found my group and they told me there was something about to crash into earth but the US Army has it under control and they are going to shoot it down with a rocket. Then everybody looked up at the sky as a massive fireball was making its way to the planet. We all looked in awe as we saw five rockets shoot into the sky. The fireball moves into the distance almost on the horizon, the first rocket misses and turns quickly and again and again until it burns out, then as if in a moment of panic the other three rockets move in directly to the target but also misses and spirals about and out of control until they burn out. The last rocket goes for the meteor and misses and spirals and misses and turns and burns out. In a moment all the people were completely quiet, as if they were at a circus that went horribly wrong. At that moment just before everyone could realise what was happening, the meteorite crashed into the desert. A white flash blinds everyone and a sound of static deafens our ears as I wake up


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