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I had one of those long dreams - it started with me and a group of people sweeping a frozen lake - which looked like sand in some sort of a game. It got really competitive and everyone was sweeping faster and faster until the ice started to melt or rather disintegrate. All of a sudden a massive water bubble started to shape, like a massive wave. People all panicked but I thought I had it under control. The bubble pushed me away and pressing against me like a pillow. Intended to rescue myself, I pushed into the massive wave bubble. I started swimming to the top, faster and faster but I could not see the surface. I swam harder and harder but still no surface. I was running out of air and started getting desperate. I kicked and swam harder and harder but could not reach the surface. I realised I might not make it but still pushed on. I was out of air and realised I was going to drown. I grasped for air under the water and woke up.


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