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Weird and wonderfull world

I had one of those dreams that made no sense, and decided to post it on here, maybe someone can make sense of it.
It started off in some big closed off garden with weird and colorful creatures, birds in all kinds of luminous colors and I had a radio control to control a dog with a bird’s beak.
The controls didn’t work well and I had to keep pressing the controls to get the dog to move into the right direction. There was a dying bird lying in the fetus position on the grass and I used the dog’s beak to make the bird lie straight in an attempt to save its life. As the dog’s beak moved the bird around, the bird’s stomach started glowing, and the bird became alive.
Then we moved around the garden and my black cat, was sleeping so long that the grass started closing and growing over my cat like vines, but a fly interrupted the cat’s sleep and the cat pushed free from the grass. Then I woke up.
I have no idea what this means, if anything.


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