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Caution to the wind

Good dreams are few and far between for me. This one was one of the best I can remember. I dreamt I was following a crowd of interesting people, they looked like modern day intelligent people who were all on holiday. All of a sudden, they jumped off a cliff. I still followed them, and just before I jumped down I looked at them and it didn’t seem like they were doing anything dangerous.

As I jumped, I was airborne, flying – floating in mid air. I could see them again, it wasn’t a cliff at all but a road so steep down -┬áthat it becomes a cliff. Surrounded by mountains and a clear blue ocean with Islands the view was astonishing. As I landed I decided to go up again to show some friend. I came to the top of the mountain and it was a girl friend, that I never met in real life.

I told her to follow me and we jumped again. The view was even better the second time, I looked at her as we were piercing through the sky, she was awe struck.

The Arctic Void

This is a dream I had many months ago…But it stuck with me like you wouldn’t believe.

I was on Holiday with some friends of mine, at a “Resort” kind of thing, that was tropical and beautiful, but strangely situated right next to a large Ice berg / Ice Canyon. We had decided to take a walk along the mountain side of this Ice berg. The day was sunny and in good spirit, the trail along the mountainside led onto a cliff path that overlooked the icy ocean, and the mountainside was covered in knee-deep snow and there were a few other tourists along the same path. At the end of the trail, our group was picked up by a helicopter, so that we didn’t have to walk all the way back along the treacherous path. Once the chopper had lifted, and we were about 60meters above the sea level, but still above the cliff, I peered out of the side of the chopper to see a platform of ice, far beneath us and right next to the ocean side. For some reason it looked very snowy and fluffy, and I decided to jump out of the Helicopter for fun! And it was fun! I sailed through the air through the cold air and landed very comfortably in the large pile of snow on the platform. It didn’t hurt a bit! I still remember standing up, laughing, at waving up at my friends in the Chopper.

Dusting off, I decided that I would take an easy walk back to the resort on my own and check out more of the Glacier. On my way I was disrupted by some baboons…Hanging off the side of the mountain, playing and scuffling about. They looked menacing and dangerous, but not at that moment, they were too preoccupied with themselves. They were “Ice Baboons”. Covered in a thick white fur around the neck, like the main of a Lion, with an icy grey/blue coat. They were also muscular and looked very fast. After watching them for a bit I carried on walking down the pathway…watching the scenery change from Icy mountainside, gradually into tropical island.

I reached the beginning of the little town/ resort a few minutes later…and was walking along a stone cobble road that ran along the main stretch of beach. It was empty…Not a soul in sight.
Until I spotted a young man walking in my direction along the same road, stopping here and there to pin up what looked like A4 adverts of some kind. On street polls, notice boards etc.

I realised soon that it was a friend of a friend of mine, Mack. He was still sticking a small poster onto a streetpole when I approached, waving and smiling, and giving him an enthusiastic greeting. His face went white as a sheet, his jaw dropped and he just stared at me in blank awe….. I had no idea what was going on. Mack was in the helicopter with me just a few minutes before…And now he’s looking at me like I’m a ghost. I give a nervous “what? Why are you looking at me like that?”. He keeps staring at me, and hands me one of the small posters from the pile in his hand. I take the poster from him, look down at it, and am shocked to find a picture of myself on the front…with a big headline that reads: “MISSING!”

From when I jumped out of the Helicopter to when I arrived back at the resort…3 Months had passed! No one could find me, search parties came back empty handed and most of my family and friends had given up and thought me dead. This day just happened to be Mack’s turn to put up the posters…

What an intensely interesting dream. More actually happened after this… quite a lot more. It’s one of the longest dreams I’ve ever had, and I don’t think I’ll forget it anytime soon!


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