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Falling off a cliff.

I was running away from collapsing buildings in some strange country, when I reached a cliff. I started slipping uncontrollably to the edge of the cliff for no reason, since the cliff was on a straight ledge. I grabbed onto a heavy log and then the log started moving to the edge as well, I managed to get my one foot up but then unexplainable my hands started sliding off and I was only holding on with my feet, I tried to swing myself but it was as if gravity was pulling me away from the ledge, I carried on fighting until finally much later someone came to help me out.

Zombie Attack

I dreamt that there was a zombie break out, but everything in life was still normal. Remembered people still going to a Football game. We were attacked but we dealt with it as if it was completely normal. Strange.


I dreamt me, my wife and 3 friends went to an old country church. Seated at the bottom, a man in a suit asked me to follow him. I got out of my chair and followed him up a stairway to the top of the church. As I walked through the doorway everybody looks at me, as if they all just lost. It was that look of a group of people who are all disappointed because they just lost a bet or something. Some of them looked at me as if I just made the biggest mistake of my life. We all look down at everyone in the church but they cant see us. It is then that the man that asked me to follow him tells me we are all Vampires and are going to slaughter everyone in the church. Frigtened and surprised I just followed them, thinking there is no way I will turn into a vampire. All of a sudden everyone starts walking in a zombie-like-fashion with hunched backs. I do the same. The man in the suit tells me to go with the group on the right. The group on the left apparently all turns into werewolves and that is apparently really disgusting. All of a sudden the man jumps off the cliff and starts to fly. Still not convinced I decide to jump of and at that exact moment I was flying and had a crazy craving for blood. I follow him to the slaughter inside the church, and wake up.


I had one of those long dreams - it started with me and a group of people sweeping a frozen lake - which looked like sand in some sort of a game. It got really competitive and everyone was sweeping faster and faster until the ice started to melt or rather disintegrate. All of a sudden a massive water bubble started to shape, like a massive wave. People all panicked but I thought I had it under control. The bubble pushed me away and pressing against me like a pillow. Intended to rescue myself, I pushed into the massive wave bubble. I started swimming to the top, faster and faster but I could not see the surface. I swam harder and harder but still no surface. I was running out of air and started getting desperate. I kicked and swam harder and harder but could not reach the surface. I realised I might not make it but still pushed on. I was out of air and realised I was going to drown. I grasped for air under the water and woke up.

Ostrich head

This was one of the first nightmares I had as a kid. I was sleeping on the floor when we had some guests come over. I was sleeping when someone opened the room’s door and it turns out it was a ostrich head with the long neck running straight at me. As it was about to beak out my eyes, I wake up and scream at the top of my voice. Apparently I woke up everyone of our guests.

Wife Dies

Interesting, I also had a dream recently about my wife dying. I don’t remember exactly what she died of. The dream was more about dealing with the fact that she died and support - or in my case lack of support I got from my friends. It was one of those dreams that seemed like it carried on forever. In the dream I felt the emotional heart ache of losing someone so close and dear to me. Most of my friends were like: “Get over it” and did not offer a lot of support. One of my old married friends embraced me, but not as if she was in love with me but as a friend. Her husband cheated on her so we did get close, almost to the point where we would have an affair.

Dog commits suicide

This nightmare was where my dog commited suicide:
It was horrible – he commited suicide by jumping into the pool. I dove in and had to carry him out. I then had to try and get him alive. But he died, and his eyes were glazed over.

End of the world

I was in Houston, but it looked more like a small arty town with modern malls surrounded by open deserts. Everyone was frantically shopping for Christmas and it was late, about 20 minutes into dusk. People were running up and down. I lost the group I was with which was my wife, my mom and and a close friend. I took a break for a moment and realised the people weren’t running around to do shopping. They were running to the desert. They were running to something big, like an airplane crash, at this point I was not sure. It was an eerie feeling of frantic people all going to have a look. I found my group and they told me there was something about to crash into earth but the US Army has it under control and they are going to shoot it down with a rocket. Then everybody looked up at the sky as a massive fireball was making its way to the planet. We all looked in awe as we saw five rockets shoot into the sky. The fireball moves into the distance almost on the horizon, the first rocket misses and turns quickly and again and again until it burns out, then as if in a moment of panic the other three rockets move in directly to the target but also misses and spirals about and out of control until they burn out. The last rocket goes for the meteor and misses and spirals and misses and turns and burns out. In a moment all the people were completely quiet, as if they were at a circus that went horribly wrong. At that moment just before everyone could realise what was happening, the meteorite crashed into the desert. A white flash blinds everyone and a sound of static deafens our ears as I wake up

Mad Scientist

In this dream, I was part of a team of scientists that made a device that would end the world. I went rougue and went on a mission to press the red button that would activate the device and cause the world to end. The other scientists kept trying to stop me, in fact for most of the time during this dream it was like playing chess, they would make a move to prevent access but I kept solving all these problems untill finally I made a run for it and pressed the button. At that point all of the scientists retreated and held their heads as if they are running away, but they know they have nowhere to run to. They looked at me with a true sadness with an expression that showed how horrific I am and there was nothing they could do and I was the person that just ended the world. I felt a true sadness almost as if I just did it to spite them for trying to stop me and now the world is about to end. Then there was a white flash and I woke up.

When I woke up I truly felt relieved to be awake and still innocent.

Evil Dog

In my dream I went with a bunch of witches, which seemed to be a witch camp. While we were waiting for the sun or the moon to allign or something, I made a joke and threw this small dog into the circle. The dog freaked out, almost like it was possesed or something. At first everybody laughed but then quickly everyone felt sort of bad for the dog. I decided to follow the dog in an attempt to calm it down. Running into the hills on my own I finally found the dog, looking at me breathing heavilly with his mouth open. His eyes are locked on me, not looking away. I feel something is moving next to the dog, like a patch of grass. Still focusing on the dog, the ‘bush’ is now shaking violently. I felt this is too weird and instead of being afraid I am going to look straight at the bush. I stop staring at the dog and look at the bush, which at that point turned into a clone of the first dog, but something was wrong about this dog. It looked wrong, I cant figure it out, when I realise it is laughing at me, it knew me deepest darkest fear. It started laughing louded until its face started looking almost human, and jumps at me as I wake up.

The scary thing was that the dog seemed to be laughing at me, because it knew it was going to wake me up. Was very creepy!


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