Caution to the wind

Good dreams are few and far between for me. This one was one of the best I can remember. I dreamt I was following a crowd of interesting people, they looked like modern day intelligent people who were all on holiday. All of a sudden, they jumped off a cliff. I still followed them, and just before I jumped down I looked at them and it didn’t seem like they were doing anything dangerous.

As I jumped, I was airborne, flying – floating in mid air. I could see them again, it wasn’t a cliff at all but a road so steep down -┬áthat it becomes a cliff. Surrounded by mountains and a clear blue ocean with Islands the view was astonishing. As I landed I decided to go up again to show some friend. I came to the top of the mountain and it was a girl friend, that I never met in real life.

I told her to follow me and we jumped again. The view was even better the second time, I looked at her as we were piercing through the sky, she was awe struck.

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