My Party

It was my birthday, the idea was to rent a castle or a palace in the middle of a city on top of a lush hill. One by one people started cancelling till the only people that actually came to the party were friends of friends and even my girlfriend was there but never available until I actually busted her doing work as a car sales person for another friend in one of the castle’s rooms. I was devastated with no-one showing up that I decided to leave my party. Just as I was about to leave I find all my real friends standing outside, as if they were holding out to join the party as long as possible. At this point I confronted all of them, but they had the lamest excuses. They made excuses such as – they wanted to walk to the party, there were funny looking clouds in the sky, they wanted their sodas to be flat and warm before they arrive at the party and so on. I ran away and my dream ended.

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