Mad Scientist

In this dream, I was part of a team of scientists that made a device that would end the world. I went rougue and went on a mission to press the red button that would activate the device and cause the world to end. The other scientists kept trying to stop me, in fact for most of the time during this dream it was like playing chess, they would make a move to prevent access but I kept solving all these problems untill finally I made a run for it and pressed the button. At that point all of the scientists retreated and held their heads as if they are running away, but they know they have nowhere to run to. They looked at me with a true sadness with an expression that showed how horrific I am and there was nothing they could do and I was the person that just ended the world. I felt a true sadness almost as if I just did it to spite them for trying to stop me and now the world is about to end. Then there was a white flash and I woke up.

When I woke up I truly felt relieved to be awake and still innocent.

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