Evil Dog

In my dream I went with a bunch of witches, which seemed to be a witch camp. While we were waiting for the sun or the moon to allign or something, I made a joke and threw this small dog into the circle. The dog freaked out, almost like it was possesed or something. At first everybody laughed but then quickly everyone felt sort of bad for the dog. I decided to follow the dog in an attempt to calm it down. Running into the hills on my own I finally found the dog, looking at me breathing heavilly with his mouth open. His eyes are locked on me, not looking away. I feel something is moving next to the dog, like a patch of grass. Still focusing on the dog, the ‘bush’ is now shaking violently. I felt this is too weird and instead of being afraid I am going to look straight at the bush. I stop staring at the dog and look at the bush, which at that point turned into a clone of the first dog, but something was wrong about this dog. It looked wrong, I cant figure it out, when I realise it is laughing at me, it knew me deepest darkest fear. It started laughing louded until its face started looking almost human, and jumps at me as I wake up.

The scary thing was that the dog seemed to be laughing at me, because it knew it was going to wake me up. Was very creepy!

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